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For foreigners living in Setagaya

Thank you for visiting mamapanthus website.

Mamapanthus provides all expectant mothers.

Please feel free to contact me.

Don't worry if you can't speak Japanese.

I'm not fluent in English,but I will do it.

If you speak another language,please be assured that I will have a translator.

About mamapanthus

 Mamapanthus was founded in March 2016.

 I hope that postpartum women and babies can live their own way.

Postpartum women are prone to be fatigue both physically and mentally. As a result, we often don't enjoy childcare. And especially for the first time, we are too worried if our babies are growing up well .

I will help you solve those worries.

I visit your home and provide services in a safe environment for your baby.

Please feel free to contact me.

Think about you and your baby together.

For Postpartum 

Thai traditional massage≫

Thai traditional massage is said to be "the most comfortable massage in the world". Recommended for postpartum pelvic adjustment and shoulder stiffness.

This massage also has a relaxing effect and calms the nerves. 

During the massage, your baby lies down next to you. And I give you a massage while singing and taking care of your baby .

Of course, please talk about your worries and concerns.

60min    8,000JPY

75min    10,000JPY

90min    11,500JPY

105min   13,000JPY

Please send me your review,

I will give 1,000JPY OFF Voucher for your next session.


Thai traditional massage &Postpartum training guidance≫

60min+15min    9,000JPY

75min+15min    11,000JPY

90min+15min    12,500JPY

105min+15min  14,000JPY

Herbball & Thai traditional massage≫

Herbball will boost your metabolism and calm your nerves.


60min   10,000JPY

90min   13,000JPY

Herbball ≫

70min   12,000JPY

For Baby

≪Baby massage training session≫

75min+60min(Total 135min) 8,000JPY

I teach personal baby massage suitable for baby's growth and personality.

You can also learn tips for taking care.

Of course, please talk about your worries and concerns.

Benefits: Organic massage oil

​*You can use Setagaya-Kosodateriyouken.(せたがや子育て利用券)

It’s a voucher that you got when you were pregnant for helping child care from Setagaya-city office.



Tomoko Kamiya

I have 1 daughter.

She is International School student.

So I am going to learn that their curriculum ,culture and etc.

It's hard to me. Because my daughter and my husband already know them. However I have never known.

 That's why we can understand each other!

写真 ちょっと小.jpg

Educational background:

Nagoya City University

Nurse career:

Nagoya University Hospital NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

Authorized nursery school in Yokohama city

Therapist career:

Relaxation salon mana


National qualification :

Nurse, public health nurse, nursery teacher

Private qualification :

Nao certified 3rd grade phytotherapist

IHTA Certified Child Body Therapist First

JTTMA Certified Professional Therapist

TTMS (Thailand Traditional Medicine Association) certified therapist



GP Small Face Manipulation Level1




Thank you for your massage


Client Voice

I booked a Thaimasage with Tomoko. She came to my house and brought everything, what was needed. All I had to prepare was a little bit space in my living room. 

At first Tomoko checked my posture and found out, what was twisted in my body. In the following massage she tried to fix it. She also asked me, where I felt tense and would like to get massaged and integrated this in her treatment. During the massage Tomoko took care of my baby, played with her and sung her a cute song. When she cried, she could calm her down. So amazing!! I think, Tomoko is really good with kids.

The massage itself was really relaxing and my body felt so much better after. Thank you again so much! It was a wonderful experience and definitely want to book you again.

 Thai massage 60min / After childbirth-5 month

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